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2022-07-17 Supplemental feedback cycle is revealing consistent pattern of DARVO in these and undocumented incidents


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Chris Punches
Chris Punches


In this event, Matthew Garrett has expanded the scope of his original defamatory claim in May of 2021 accusing Chris of the crime of “identify theft” of one person during the anti-stallman campaign to “impersonating various women he was angry with” as retaliation against the reporter for being listed here on TAODB (which he is voicing increasing frustration with on his Twitter profile’s timeline). Garrett was listed in TAODB less than 24 hours before making this new version of his claim and repeated the expanded version in subsequent threads while stirring attention to it with a 30,000 person audience.

As noted in other entries, defamers often include elements of truth in their defamatory accusations by putting a menacing spin or adding fabricated details to them in order to trigger a sense of justice in secondary actors, for the pupose of eliciting an organizational response, or inciting a mob.

The original satire profile that Garrett misrepresents in both events of defamation is still in existence and unaltered since the time of his initial statement in May of 2021 for the sole purpose of debunking both his original claim as well as this July of 2021 expansion of that claim.

It appears he is expanding his original claim in order to project the color of the action he is referring to as somehow being “a serial mistreatment of women” with this effort, casting a deliberately false impression of both serial behaviour and targeting of women, so as to encite anger among women’s rights activists and other followers in his audience that would otherwise appropriately be encited to anger over the mistreatment or abuse of women. Indeed, if he had been truthfully accounting for the events while saying these things, there would be appropriate anger in his audience.

This also has the strategic disposition of involving 3rd parties who will have both motivation for and experience campaigning against what is described by the false aspects of his claims, them not necessarily being aware they are false, and exemplifies why this serial defamer is such a dangerous element left unchecked in the communities he participates in. Additionally, this type of behaviour, when serial, unfortunately detracts from the credibility of legitimate claims to that cause.

At the time of this writing, almost every instance of defamation in TAODB by Matthew Garrett and those linked with him involves this very theme.

As previously written about in other publications around the nature of smear campaigns, some types of serial defamers tend to gravitate to socially empowered platforms in order to both encite mobs and to avoid accountability for their behaviour.

Perhaps it’s the best he can do.