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Catalog: Matthew Garrett



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Chris Punches
Chris Punches


In this event, Garrett makes use of false light to accuse Chris Punches of the crime of “identity theft” over a satire site created to disrupt the Stallman smear campaign.

The satire profile that Garrett misrepresents in this event of defamation is still in existence and unaltered since the time of his initial statement in May of 2021 for the purpose of verifying that his claim is false.

As noted in other entries, defamers often include elements of truth in their defamatory accusations, by putting a menacing spin or adding fabricated details to them in order to trigger a sense of justice in secondary actors, for the pupose of inciting a mob.

By abusing descriptors of the event to say “identity theft” instead of satire, Garrett deliberately projects a criminal theme onto the event to damage his target’s reputation. Less informed readers would read this, and draw the conclusion that he is referring to the actual felony of identity theft and not the satire that actually took place.

Retaliation for TAODB Listing

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2022-07-16 Two months later, and less than 24 hours after this being listed in TAODB, Garrett expanded the defamatory claim